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QHotels fair usage policy for internet users

QHotels launched our fantastic free WiFi service for all guests and visitors in July 2011, with a view to providing the best possible service to our wide range of clientele. The last 18 months have seen an explosion of internet-enabled devices, as well as the rapid growth of applications and content that these devices can run. This has lead to occassions during peak usage times whereby lower-bandwidth consumers (e.g. Web browsing or emailing) have been adversely affected by higher-bandwidth users (e.g. video streaming).

In view of this, QHotels have now installed a Netequalizer server to manage guest bandwidth. In essence, this means the server constantly monitors guest bandwidth usage at each hotel and if usage rises above 85% of the available capacity, the server will penalise high-bandwidth users.


Utilising this type of technology helps us to ensure each user receives a fair allocation of the available bandwidth and offer the best possible service to our customers.


Any questions about out WiFi fair usage policy? Contact us.


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